Spring 2021 Schedule

All dates given below are subject to change. An up-to-date calendar is always available here .

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Important Dates

Date Undergraduate Graduate
11 Mar Term Paper 1 Prompts Posted
15 Mar Term Paper 1 Outline Due
22 Mar Commentary 1 Passages Posted Term Paper 1 Preliminary Draft Due
4 Apr Term Paper 1 Final Draft Due
12 Apr Term Paper 2 Prompts Posted
14 Apr Commentary 1 Due
16 Apr Term Paper 2 Outline Due
23 Apr Term Paper 2 Preliminary Draft Due
3 May Commentary 2 Passages Posted
30 Apr Term Paper 2 Final Draft Due
10 May Term Paper 3 Outline Due
24 May Term Paper 3 Preliminary Draft Due
31 May Commentary 2 Due
7 Jun Term Paper 3 Final Draft Due

Schedule of Topics & Readings

Topics and readings subject to change.
Date Topic & Assigned Materials
16 Feb Introduction & Course Basics
Unit 1 Background: Ontology & Explanation in the Organon
19 Feb Categories 1–5
23 Feb Prior Analytics 1.1–2, 27–30
Unit 2 Aristotle’s Argument for Hylomorphism
2.1 A Puzzle About Coming-to-Be
25 Feb Physics 1.1–6
2.2 A Solution to the Puzzle
2 Mar Physics 1.7–9
4 Mar Bostock, “Aristotle on the Principles of Change in Physics I”
Henry, “The Hylomorphic Model of Substantial Generation: Physics I”
2.3 Distinguishing Substantial and Non-Substantial Coming to Be
9 Mar Generation and Corruption 1.1–4 (esp. chs. 3–4)
11 Mar Henry, “Substantial versus Non-Substantial Change: GC I 1–4”
Unit 3 Natural Substances as Hylomorphic Compounds
3.1 Nature and Causation
16 Mar Physics 2.1–6
18 Mar Stavrianeas, “Nature as a Principle of Change”
Kelsey, “Hylomorphism in Aristotle’s Physics
3.2 Necessity & Teleology
23 Mar Physics 2.7–9
25 Mar Scharle, “Man from Man but not Bed from Bed”
Kress, “How Things Happen for the Sake of Something”
3.3 A Hylomorphic Model of Natural Generation
30 Mar Generation and Corruption 2.9–11
1 Apr Henry, “The Extended Hylomorphic Model: GC II 9”
Unit 4 Consequences for a Theory of Substance
6,8 Apr No Class: Spring Break
4.1 Is Substance Matter, Form, or What is From Them? Some Puzzles
13 Apr Metaphysics Z.1–4, 6
15 Apr Lewis, “Subjects in Metaphysics Zeta 3”
Lewis, “Sameness, Substitution, and Essence (II)”
4.2 Solutions: Substance as Cause of Being
20 Apr Metaphysics Z.15–17
Metaphysics Z.7–9 (Optional)
22 Apr Charles, “Definition and Explanation in the Posterior Analytics and Metaphysics
Unit 5 Applications: the Soul in Animal Generation
5.1 Soul as the Form of a Living Body
27 Apr De Anima 2.1–3
29 Apr Whiting, “Living Bodies”
Johansen, “Towards a Scientific Definition of the Soul: DA 2.2”
5.2 Closer to a “Scientific” Account of Soul
4 May De Anima 2.4, 3.12–13
6 May Leunissen, “Aristotle’s Bio-Functional Account of the Soul”
Howton, “Why De Anima Needs III 12–13”
5.3 Formal & Material Natures in Aristotle’s Biology
11 May Parts of Animals 1.1, 642a1–b2
Lennox, “Material and Formal Natures in Aristotle’s De Partibus Animalium
13 May No Class: Ramazan Bayramı
5.4 Matter & Form in Natural Reproduction
18 May Generation of Animals 1.21–2.1
20 May Connell, “The Male as Efficient and Formal Cause of Generation”
Henry, “How Sexist Is Aristotle’s Developmental Biology?”
5.5 Two Models of Embryogenesis
25 May Generation of Animals 2.3–6
27 May Leunissen, “Introducing Biology as a Demonstrative Science”, sect.3.2
Henry, “The Architectonic Model”, esp. Appendix