Fall 2020 Schedule

All dates given below are subject to change. An up-to-date calendar is always available here .

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Important Dates

Date Assignment
29, 30 Oct. Classes Cancelled
9 Nov. Self-Assessment 1 Due
13 Nov. Short Paper 1 Prompts Posted
16 Nov. Master of Illusion Certification Deadline
23 Nov. Short Paper 1 Due
30 Nov. Self-Assessment 2 Due
4 Dec. Short Paper 2 Prompts Posted
14 Dec. Short Paper 2 Due
21 Dec. Self-Assessment 3 Due
31 Dec. Class Cancelled
8 Jan. Short Paper 3 Prompts Posted
11 Jan. Self-Assessment 4 Due
18 Jan. Short Paper 3 Due

Schedule of Topics & Readings

(1) Topics and readings subject to change. (2) All readings will be posted to Blackboard. (3) To access readings, you must be signed into Google with your ku.edu.tr account.
Date Unit Topic & Assigned Materials
6–9 Oct. Unit 0 Introduction & Course Basics
Hi-Phi Nation, “The Illusionist”
Unit 1 Appearance & Reality
13–16 Oct. 1.1 How Appearance & Reality Come Apart
Russell, “Appearance and Reality”
20–23 Oct. 1.2 Varieties of Illusion
Illusions Index
27 Oct. Interlude Academic Skills: How to Make an Argument
3–6 Nov. 1.3 Hallucination & Consciousness
Illusions Index
Anil Seth, “Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality”
Unit 2 The Problem of Perception
10–13 Nov. 2.1 The Arguments from Illusion & Hallucination
Wi-Phi, “The Argument from Illusion”
Wi-Phi, “The Argument from Hallucination”
17–20 Nov. 2.2 Representation & Illusion
Tye, “Blurry Images, Double Vision, and Other Oddities”
24–27 Nov. 2.3 Did Our Senses Evolve to Be Accurate?
Hoffman, “Illusory: The Bluff of a Desktop”
Unit 3 Conflicting Appearance & “Alternative Facts”
1–4 Dec. 3.1 Arguments from Conflicting Appearances
HoPwaG, “Healthy Skepticism: Sextus Empiricus”
Selections from Sextus Empiricus, Outlines of Pyrrhonism
8–11 Dec. 3.2 “Alternative Facts & Scientific Progress”
Hi-Phi Nation, “The Ashes of Truth”
Okasha, “Scientific Change and Scientific Revolutions”
15–18 Dec. 3.3 How Do Beliefs & Emotions Shape Our Experience?
The Harvard Implicit Bias Study
Siegel, “The Problem of Hijacked Experience”
Unit 4 Appearance & Authority, or: How to Spot Fake News
22–25 Dec. 4.1 Fake News & Rational Authority
Fricker, “Rational Authority and Social Power”
29 Dec. Interlude Catch-Up & Review
5–8 Jan. 4.2 What Makes a Source Reliable? Theories of Testimony
Nagel, “Testimony”