Technical Skills

JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript, React, Next.js, Redux (incl. Toolkit), Vue, Python (incl. Flask, Django), HTML5/CSS3, Node.js (incl. Express), SQL, NoSQL (DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis, LokiJS), GraphQL, Webpack, Git/Github, TDD (Jest, Testing Library, Cypress, TestCafe), AWS, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, CMS (Contentful), Jupyter, Agile.

Dev vita
  • Oct2023 - Current
    Walmart Global Tech
    Software Engineer III

    Software Engineer III designing, developing, and maintaining web applications for Walmart’s Digital Pharmacy.

  • Sep2022 - Oct2023
    Tech Lead, Software Engineer II
    As Tech Lead
    • Developed a highly scalable Next.js client using React and Redux, delivering a performant and responsive user experience by leveraging server-side rendering and optimized asset delivery via headless CMS

    • Acted as Tech Lead and Senior Engineer for front end development team, interfacing with business stakeholders, managing sprints, onboarding and mentoring engineers, and performing code reviews

    • Led initiative to modernize legacy codebase, implementing modern React/Redux patterns and Next.js fetching methods to improve performance and site reliability and unlock security-critical dependency upgrades

    As Software Engineer II
    • Engineered a BFF (Backend for Frontend) architecture to facilitate seamless migration from a proprietary backend to a cloud service, providing a consistent API for three distinct client applications throughout the migration process

    • Spearheaded effort to migrate Node.js services to TypeScript to enforce type safety and define custom data structures, enabling accurate compile-time error detection and promoting codebase stability and self-documentation

  • Apr2022 - Aug2022
    Software Engineer
    • Developed and maintained React/Next.js web application and distributed backend services built with Python (Flask) and Node.js (Express) and hosted on serverless architecture

    • Created React components and access protected Express endpoints to enable users to customize platform-hosted JupyterHub environment with scripts stored in a DynamoDB table and injected into JupyterHub server spawner process

    • Composed AWS Step Functions and handlers to enable cross region replication of server-side encrypted S3 buckets, ensuring security and redundancy of user data and facilitating business recovery

  • Mar2021 - Apr2022
    Quell (OS Labs)
    Software Engineer
    • Created Quell Developer Tool, an extension leveraging Chrome’s devtools API to enable monitoring and management of Quell’s GraphQL query caching in client (browser using Loki.js) and server (Redis via Node.js/Express middleware)

    • Enabled fetching of user-specified data from server-side Redis cache though custom configurable Express middleware, enabling debugging and testing of Quell’s cache invalidation policy with minimal user configuration

    • Composed GraphQL schemas and resolvers to connect to remote databases and RESTful APIs as part of a full stack development environment employing Quell with a React client and a Node.js/Express server

    • Automated testing in a continuous integration pipeline using Github Actions, protecting future Quell releases against breaking pull requests to its production or development branches

    • Open source product developed under auspices of technology accelerator OS Labs